As a full service commercial and industrial maintenance and repair contractor, we are the leading resource in facility operations. We provide the essential services that keep your building operational. Our maintenance services include:

Planned Maintenance: this is a system of activities necessary to halt deterioration and restore facilities or equipment to peak working condition. This improves up-time, the quality of output, and reduce maintenance cost

Preventive Maintenance: this is carried out at predetermined intervals or according to approved criteria, with the purpose of reducing the likelihood system breakdowns or performance degradation. These scheduled maintenance activities prolong the serviceable life of equipment and systems, and improves functioning of processes.

Routine Maintenance: this is a program of day-to-day repairs that maintain equipment performance with minimal production disruption; We execute equipment check to ensure proper functioning and continuance.

Emergency Maintenance: this includes unscheduled repairs that need to be accomplished quickly to restore day-to-day operations and get production back on –line. Assets and equipment unexpectedly stop functioning. We respond to call 24/7