Good Example Trading and Projects is a 100% Black Owned Company Managed by qualified Professionals. We offer diverse services with specific emphasis on a meaningful business transformation. The owner of Good Example trading Projects has more than 16years experience on both plant maintenance, Projects and Energy management.

We believe our vision will be achieved by adhering to the principle of excellence in execution during all phases of our engagement with our clients. We strive to provide  high quality service for the benefit of our clients, the community and the environment.

Being an emerging company powered by Black South Africans that seek to gain entry into the market our philosophy is grounded in advancing the need for sustainable multi-disciplinary service provision for a better South African.

Our continuous reinvestment in resources, personnel, and assets has resulted in a valued brand company.  We employe highly committed and qualified workforce, capable of delivering quality business solutions across a wide range of services.

Our BBB-EE status is Level 1, and we are classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME) 100% Black owned business.