Good Example has a qualified technologist who has tones of experience as energy champion and will be leading the energy management team.

We can offer the following services.


Utility companies make so many errors on client’s bills which normally increase cost to the business. We are able to properly analyse the bill to catch costly errors on the bill.


  • Lights, air-conditioning, heating systems and other electrical appliances. We can assists the business by implementing energy efficient equipments and controls.


This can be advice using the following method

Step 1: Collect, record and visualized data.

Step 2: Evaluate and analyse data.

Step 3: Define and implement measure.

Step 4: Monitor success and communicate.

  • Power factor correction


One of the biggest contributor on energy losses is human behaviour. It is very important that people that are using energy, they use it efficiently. This cannot be achieved if people don’t have a knowledge and skill on how to use energy efficiently, as well as understanding the benefits.

These can be achieved through effective training which can be offered by Good Example.